Marigold38 International
Several years ago a group of black
women from the diaspora got together in
London and formed a
book club.  The group comprising women
from differ professional backgrounds,
including teachers, nurses, doctors etc.
The age groups range from Late teens to
the sixties and over.  The group meets
monthly to discuss and rate the book
read for the month
and to select the next title. Authors span
all cultures globally. The Book circle has
ambitions to expand internationally.  
Reading is a wonderful way to share
and to learn. Unfortunately it is fast
becoming obsolete in the western world
and the third world is highly deprived of
access to good
literature.  This window  aims at
stimulating a love of reading and will
give you the chance to share the views
of the members of the book circle and to
to explore the books they read through
your local library or bookstore.  
Over time we hope to be able to identify
and develop a compendium of book
stores in your
country where you may be able to access
the books in your own book circle.
Please send your suggestions on
bookstores and/or books to read and
your comments
on the availability of reading books in
your local libraries to
Book Corner